10 Best Fishing Kayak Between 500$-600$ under 700 Dollars Unbiased Review

Last Updated on October 2020 

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Looking to have a Kayak that’s not heavy on your pocket, Well this article gives you best affordable kayaks with maximize features available in them.

Even if you occasionally like to spend some time out or maybe you are an avid outdoorsman, there is no outdoor experience that can beat kayaking.

But we have seen many of you have not tried this out because sometimes kayaks cost much more than your pocket. But now you don’t have to be sad when this idea comes up in your mind. 

Now the question is how will you come to know which one is the best performing kayak that can counterpart an expensive one?

And, the lesser price doesn’t mean that these kayaks will lack a lot of features or good performance.

So for this,

We will be reviewing 10 kayaks which are affordable and the price varies between $500-$600 and under $700. 

Along with the price, this article will show you how you can choose the best one based on your requirements and what different qualities to check in a kayak before buying one

So, let’s start with it.


Choosing a kayak with the right features is the key to access the kayak you have desired for. Let’s see, how these features can affect your kayaking experience. 

We will discuss different sizes, durability (material), its storage space, carrying capacity, how many items it can hold for you, also the comfort level is very important. So, let’s start with our first feature.

Suitable Size


Suitable size of the kayak is very important as kayak’s performance depends a lot upon it and the length plays an important role in it. Different length groups have various advantages and disadvantages. We’ll have look at it.

The kayak that has a length of around 12-13 feet or more will be called a long kayak and the kayak below this length range will be called a short kayak. 

A longer kayak can easily gain more speed and you won’t have to paddle harder, this is because the hull of the kayak is narrow and the surface area contact is very less but on the other hand it will lack the stability and can tip over if not controlled

Also, you won’t be able to take your long kayak in tight spaces and it will be difficult for you to turn it. 

A shorter kayak on the other hand has great stability this is because the hull of the kayak is wider, also you can take your kayak to small spots. In addition, it becomes easier for you to transport your vessel. 

But the problem with this is that the wider hull of the kayak reduces its speed and long-distance paddling becomes harder for you.


if you want to use a kayak in small lakes and ponds than a shorter kayak is a good choice and if you want to be in bigger oceans and rivers then go with longer kayaks.


The width of the kayak or also known as the beam of the kayak has its own technical effect on the kayak’s performance. 

The wider beam of the kayak gives it great stability and you don’t have the fear of capsizing but choosing the right width is very important. 

If you opt for a wider kayak, you will lose the advantage of the speed, and going for a kayak with narrow width will give you speed but, can make your kayak tip over. So, choose the width wisely. 

The usual width of a kayak should be between 30 inches to 40 inches.


If you want more stability over speed, Go for a wider kayak and vice versa.


The durability of the kayak depends on the material. So, Let’s see different materials available and the durability they have.


Process – Polyethylene is mainly formed by the plastic and the formation of the kayak is done in a process by pouring the polyethylene powder into the kayak mold, heated and then rotated and the result is that we get a one-piece hardshell kayak.

A polyethylene kayak is generally heavier in weight and low in price. This form of material can be shaded easily and that’s the reason we get to see polyethylene kayaks with many color options.

Also, this material demands less maintenance and because of its hardness, the kayak performs well in unpleasant conditions. If in any case the kayak gets punctured or cracks it can be fixed by simple plastic welding, occasional scrub, or soapy water. 

This type of material needs UV protective coating because the exposure to the sun can damage the kayak’s hull and deck. 

Sometimes if you store the kayak on a tight roof rack or narrow area, it can disorganize the shape of the deck and hull. But it can be restored to the original look when brought away from sun or other stress.


ABS is the abbreviation for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Process – ABS (Thermoform) is a composite material, comprising an outer layer of hard ABS and vinyl and an inner layer is of ABS foam. To form a thermoform these layers are combined with multiple heat treatments.

ABS is a non-transparent thermoplastic used for constructing mid-priced kayaks. The kayak made by this material is very durable and UV-protected. Also, it tends to be abrasion-resistant and is very light in weight. The fabrication of acrylic over ABS gives a glossy finish to a kayak.

ABS becomes progressively poor in quality over an extended period of time. But unlike other plastic kayaks, Thermoform is normally recyclable.

PVC and Nitrilon

PVC is a vinyl polymer consisting of vinyl groups that are bound to chlorine and it is the world’s third-most extensively manufactured synthetic plastic polymer. PVC also called polyvinyl chloride can be seen in two forms rigid and flexible. 

Inflatable kayaks are constructed from flexible PVC.

Some qualities of PVC is that it is non-inflammable, PVC can act both as tough and flexible. It is the densest material compared to other plastics. PVC is durable, cheap, and can be easily assembled. 

If some plasticizers are added to it the material becomes very tough, and Nitrilon does that for it. 

Nitrilon is comprised of different layers of woven textures and engineered materials, for example, neoprene. It is UV-safe, rugged, and waterproof material. The kayak worked with this material is lighter and folds up into an increasingly smaller bundle.

PVC and Nitrilon are mainly used in constructing lightweight and tough inflatable kayaks. 

Now, as you have understood about the sizing and durability. We will now see some inbuilt factors in a kayak.

Rod Holder

The fishing rod holder is a great feature present in a kayak and always gives you a more comfortable and hassle-free fishing experience. You have to make sure whether the kayak you are searching has rod holders built into the hull or not? 

There are some manufacturers that build rod holders into the design of the kayak from the very starting of the construction, and these options are normally flush mounted to the hull of the kayak, making less snagging lines and a sleeker design gear when you are fishing out on the water. 

Some other kayak models are bolted onto the hull, and if you are a novice, you may face some hardships while you are fishing when you are out on the water. The final thing you have to see that how many rod holders are present so that you and your companion can accommodate the fishing rods according to your needs.

Deck Space

It’s very obvious you also have other equipment that you want for your fishing adventure except for your fishing rods. These items need deck space where you can have your material easily available for you when you want. 

So having enough deck space is always recommended.


When you are going out on the water with your kayak, having a good amount of storage space can really help you, especially when you are getting out with a lot of gear and personal items.

It will be good for you if the kayak you choose comes with dry storage and the kayak should have storage hatches both in front and rear of the seat, so you can store fish in the front and other gear and valuable items in the back.

Even if the hatches are dry it’s always a great idea to have dry bags in your storage in order to keep your items protected from the water. Kayaks also come with bungee cord rigging where you easily can secure your gear. 

If you are fishing offshore you should also look for how much-dedicated fishing storage the kayak is offering. A kayak built for fishing will have space to store your paddle while you are reeling in your catch or enjoying a snack and will have built-in rod holders, as well as you may also search for a kayak that comes with built-in gear tracks making it capable to mount other fishing accessories.

If you are planning to spend many days camping while kayaking, you should also check the storage space provided for your camping gear as well as fishing and paddling gear.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a kayak is the “number’ given to the kayak by a manufacturer so that paddlers may come to know which kayak can fulfill their needs. It also helps the user to know how much material, equipment or gear they can bring along with them on a kayak. The assigned weight capacity is given on every new kayak. 

Generally, the weight capacity shows the amount of weight that a kayak can hold and can still float. So if a kayak has a weight limit of 370 lbs, it means the kayak will still float a little on the water surface while carrying a weight of 370 lbs.

Since the kayak will float only a little when holding a load equal to its carrying capacity, it will lose both its maneuverability and stability when loaded to the top of its capacity. That is why it’s very important for you not to load a kayak to its weight carrying limit.

So when a weight carrying capacity is indicated to a kayak, the paddler size for the kayak is not the exact weight limit but always a minus about 30-35 percent of the carrying capacity of a kayak that provides a safe zone to you. For a weight limit of 370 lbs, the user’s ideal weight should be about 240 lbs or less, and that is only possible if the angler doesn’t carry any gear or material along with him. 

Comfort Level

The seat of your kayak is one of the most important features to be considered. We all know that fishing takes a lot of patience and time and if your seat is not comfortable and relaxing it can easily lead to discomfort and you can get tired very soon. 

Go for the kayak, having a comfortable seat. You can do this by checking whether the seat is extra padded or not.

Sitting in only one position can cause you a lot of tiredness and discomfort to your legs and back. Adjusting the seat into a more reclined position can reduce the discomfort and will let you paddle comfortably for some more hours. Check whether the kayak you choose comes with a backrest, adjustable or a foldable seat.

Some models of kayak don’t come with an extra-fine seat but they do come with the option to replace. There are some companies specifically known for manufacturing extra padded comfortable seats, and you can replace your seat with the other one of your choice. 

Footrest position is also an essential part when we are talking about comfort level. If your feet are well-positioned, you will gain a good pace and balance while paddling, and yes you won’t have aching legs at the end of your day. But it will be hard for us to figure out what length we need to position our feet, so for this, there are many kayaks available with multiple footrest positions for the paddlers of all sizes.A

TOP RATED Affordable 10 BEST FISHING KAYAK Between $500 – $600 & Under 700$ REVIEW​

BKC FK184 9′ Single Sit On Top Fishing Kayak W/ Seat and Paddle Included Solo Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak

The FK184 with a 9-foot body consists of four carry handles that make this single person kayak compact and versatile enough for experts as well as beginners. 

This kayak comes with waterproof storage, good for your valuable items. Also, at the rear, it has a hollowed-out cargo area bungee straps so, with it you can store a tackle box, a cooler, or fishing gear

The FK184 comes with a comfortable backrest supporting seat that allows you to stay on the water for a longer time. It comes with multiple rod holders, 1 articulating rod holder and 4 flush-mounted rod holders.

Length – 9 ft

Width – 33 inch

Weight – 44 lbs

Capacity – 330 lbs


  1. Ideal for beginners.
  2. Waterproof storage available.
  3. Handles and tracks well, thanks to the molded hull keel.
  4. Contains five-rod holders, and also comes with an articulating rod holder in front of the seat


  1. Not suitable for taller users.

Perception Pescador 10 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak with Front Storage Well | Large Rear Storage and Dual Rod Holders | 

The Perception Pescador 10 sit-on-top kayak is designed to be the best all-around kayak. The kayak has great speed, stability, and straight-tracking performance making it fun for even beginners to explore ponds, lakes and flat-water rivers.

The Pescador 10’s short length and lightweight body increase maneuverability and make transportation easier. Fish-ready features, Enough storage, and a comfortable seat keep you on the water for a longer time.

This kayak contains a mounting point in the center console to utilize the Solo Mount accessory system. It has a leak-proof one-piece construction with built-in buoyancy providing more safety to your kayak. The storage is designed to hold tablets, phone cameras, fishfinders, fishing rods, cup holders and many more items.

Length – 10.6 ft

Width – 32 inch

Weight – 57 lbs

Capacity – 325 lbs


  1. Built-in Fish ready features.
  2. Dry storage and Rod holders are available.
  3. Adjustable comfortable seat. 


  1. Not high performance in rough waters.
  2. A little bit heavier.

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Bali 13.5-Foot Tandem Kayak

The Sundolphin Bali 13.5 is a tandem kayak that not only makes 2 passengers sit but also a third passenger can come with you. This model works well in lakes, rivers, and other water bodies.

The kayak comes with plenty of features such as three covered storage compartments, self-bailing system, foot braces, onboard shock cord deck rigging, comfortable seats with backrest, paddle holders, and carry handles for easy transportation.

The tri-seating capacity offers an extraordinary path for you to appreciate with your family or companions. This Tandem kayak has everything for you to have some good times for the entire day on the water.

Length – 13.4 ft

Width – 34.5 inch

Weight – 70 lbs

Capacity – 500lbs


  1. Affordable pricing.
  2. Good storage option.
  3. Speeds up with less effort.
  4. 3 person seating capacity.


  1. Low legroom for the middle passenger.
  2. Heavier for a solo user.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

The Malibu tends as one of the best tandem Ocean kayaks. This kayak accompanies the Comfort Plus seating, foot supports, and carry handles for the greatest help for the riders. It likewise makes it the best kayak for the one looking for families. 

Complete with the gear straps, skid plate, shaped in seat wells, and capacity bodies, this is energetic and tough kayak incredible for a group escape trip. You additionally get three special shading choices to pick your own style. 


The kayak can hold up to 425 lbs. of weight and you can without much of a stretch get in with your mate and kid. So on the off chance that you are all in for a total family understanding, this one is your most solid option.

Length – 12 ft

Width – 34 inch

Weight – 57 lbs

Capacity – 425 lbs


  1. Various footrest positions for a comfortable ride.
  2. Great kayak for couples or small families.
  3. The kayak can be worked both as a solo or tandem.
  4. Comfortable for overweight or tall people.


  1. Limited colors available.
  2. Paddles don’t come with this model so you have to purchase them separately.

Perception Joyride 10 | Sit Inside Kayak for Adults and Kids | Recreational and Multi-Water Kayak with Selfie Slot

The Perception JoyRide 10 is a solid performer for the one who is searching for a stable kayak. The kayak comes with a large cockpit and new hull design, anglers can glide and maneuver easily. 

The storage and seating systems make the kayak one of the most comfortable and best performer. Its patent-pending Selfie Slot lets the user stage electronics for viewing and capturing images. Storage hatch with hinged lid and bulkhead keeps your valuable material protected from water and lets them stay dry. The kayak contains two solo Mount points that allow you to add different RAM mount accessories without drilling.

Joyride’s two-way adjustable seat helps kayakers to optimize their kayak fit and provides full-day comfort on the water. The adjustable footpegs accommodate anglers of different sizes and two solo-mount recesses in the dashboard allow you to customize your kayak.

Length – 10 ft

Width – 29.5 inch

Weight – 50 lbs

Capacity – 275 lbs


  1. It has a patent-pending Selfie Slot.
  2. Dry storage available.
  3. Adjustable footpegs.
  4. Available in beautiful colors.


  1. Sometimes struggles in harsh conditions.

Ocean Kayak Frenzy

The Frenzy is a sit-on-top style kayak that fits well in rivers and other kayaking adventures, its great kayak to have fun on waters. It also has a stable platform with tri-foam hull providing you both primary and secondary stability.

The kayak comes with a self-bailing system that keeps your kayak swamp-free. For tracking straight the Frenzy has a long center keel. The stern carrying handles and modeled-in side handles give you great ease of transportation. 


For you to have a convenient and comfortable ride, the kayak has bow deck bungee and removal bungee to keep your refreshments, gear, or other material, and for the tireless paddling, the Frenzy has four-way-adjustable seat.

Length – 9 ft

Width – 31 inch

Weight – 43 lbs

Capacity – 325 lbs


  1. It provides great primary and secondary stability.
  2. Portable and compact design.
  3. Contain Self-bailing holes for swamp free experience.


  1. It does not gain good speed because of the shorter length.
  2. No scupper holes and paddle come with this kayak.

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Foot Sit-on-top Kayak

The Bali SS Sit-on-Top Kayaks are marginally unique in relation to what is known as a conventional Kayak. Rather than enclosed legs, this open situated vessel keeps your legs open and free. It very well may be utilized for both fishing and touring.

In this kayak Tracking is good and stability is also high. As the cockpits are open, entry and exit are convenient. Open cockpits also give more room for movement. The storage facility is comparatively better. 


The Bali SS has a P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier) that can also be used if necessary. Being lightweight, it can easily be carried. Especially suitable for rivers and lakes. It has retractable carrying handles and comes with a paddle holder.

Length – 10 ft

Width – 30 inch

Weight – 44 lbs

Capacity – 250 lbs


  1. Adjustable foot brace.
  2. Include paddle holders.
  3. Paddles and tracks well and offer decent stability.
  4. Shock cord deck rigging and storage.


  1. Not suggested for unpleasant water conditions.
  2. The seat is not finely padded, thus making it a little bit uncomfortable.

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

The Tamarack Angler is a sit-on-top fishing kayak that is built-up of blow-molded high-density polyethylene turning it into a tough and long-lasting product.

For enjoying the whole paddling or to have a wonderful adventure, this kayak has a comfortable relaxing seat. The flat bottom with deep tracking channels and stability chine rails gives it a great pack of stability and safety.

The Tamarack Angler equips a good pack of features with fishing rod holders, to shock cord straps, then from two storage hatches to multiple footrest positions and these are only provided to enhance your paddling and fishing experience.

Length – 10 ft

Width – 31 inch

Weight – 52 lbs

Capacity – 275 lbs


  1. Offers great stability and balance.
  2. Several Footrest Positions for all types of Size Paddlers.
  3. Consists of three-rod holders.
  4. Good tracking capability.


  1. It cannot be used in whitewater.
  2. Manufactured in only one Colour.

Perception Sound 9.5 | Sit Inside Kayak for Fishing and Fun | Two Rod Holders | Large Rear Storage

The Perception Sound kayak is flexible enough to take for an easygoing paddle and concentrated fishing meetings. Its shape and across the board airtight design imply that the kayak is sufficiently stable to stand and cast a line on. 

The seat is comfortable and has a customizable backrest. The bungee lines keep your assets upstanding and set up to forestall misfortunes or spillage, and formed in handles in the front and back make it simple to ship the kayak from your home to the water. 


The kayak’s fish rod holders keep your fishing shafts set up and leave your hands allowed to get equip or appreciate the water. With a lot of leg cushioning and two movable footstools means that individuals of any size and experience extreme solace in nature. 

On the off chance that you need to enjoy two diversions with one kayak, this is the model that you need.

Length – 9.6 ft

Width – 28 inch

Weight – 38 lbs

Capacity – 300 lbs


  1. Very lightweight.
  2. Great build quality.
  3. Can be fitted with a spray skirt to keep you dry while you are paddling.
  4. Includes Rod holders.


  1. Not stable enough for stand-up fishing.
  2. Contains no paddle holders.

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack Foot Angler and Recreational Sit On Top LightWeight Fishing Kayak (One Person Sit On Top)

The Skipjack is a 9-foot-long sit-on-top weighing only 46 pounds. At such a lightweight, it’s handily taken care of by even a solitary paddler, with simple to-get hanging holds on each of the four sides of the vessel. 

Another favorable position to the Skipjack’s reasonable size is its capacity to fit in the rear of most trucks and enormous SUVs. It’s additionally ideal for the individuals who don’t have a carport or basement in which to store it. The Skipjack can even fit in your apartment gallery! 

In spite of the fact that big guys may feel somewhat confined, the Skipjack can hold up to 300 lbs, and its all the way open deck offers enough space and various footwells for taller paddlers to feel good.

Length – 9 ft

Width – 32 inch

Weight – 46 lbs

Capacity – 300 lbs


  1. Great kayak for new learners.
  2. Since it is small in size it does not take a large space for storage.
  3. Provided with handles for easier carriage.
  4. Perfect for rivers, streams, and lakes.


  1. The design and construction make it move at low speed.
  2. The seat can not be fully adjusted.


I have given a very helpful article for you to have an easy and productive buying experience, now I am going to conclude all things by giving you some recommendations to make things easier for you.

For the paddlers who want to have fun on the water with their family or colleagues, Sundolphin Bali 13.5 will be perfect for you.

Beginners of the kayaking world should go with BKC FK184 9′.

And at the last for the experienced kayakers, I will recommend Perception JoyRide 10.

So finally we have saved hundreds of dollars and I really hope that this buying guide and recommendations will take to the kayak you ever desired for.

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