10 Best Ocean Fishing Kayak in 2020 (Unbiased Review)

Last Updated on October 2020 

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Ocean Kayak

Do you like to explore oceans? And searching for the best ocean kayak? Ocean Kayaking is quite different than your lake or river kayaking.

When you are out on an ocean, things become divergent. You need special equipment and great performance in all ways to improve your mobility and safety, and Ocean fishing kayaks are specifically designed in a way to handle unique conditions such as higher winds and rougher waves.

Focusing on Dimensions, Stability, Weight carrying capacity, storage, equipment’s to carry can be few of the major aspect to consider to avoid any wrong kayak selection.

With this detailed Guide on best ocean kayak you would be able to understand the different selecting criteria and how what to look in a kayak that is strong enough to run on sea.

So, let’s understand how to differentiate ocean kayak from other kayaks.

What Makes an Ocean Fishing Kayak Different (Beginner & Experienced)

Ocean kayaks are very tough and durable to withstand the ever-changing currents and unpredictable weather in the ocean. That’s the reason they are made to be huge. 

They can extend to an extra 15 feet of length and width can start from 25 inches. They don’t necessarily have to be large or small, but the longer length is important for making the kayak sail in a straight line.

Ocean Kayaks are constructed with more rigid materials than other kayaks, such as rotomolded polyethylene or carbon Kevlar, and the more frequently used fiberglass. 

Some ocean kayaks are still handmade with wood, however, they are covered with an external protective material, usually fiberglass for expanding their lives. 

These kayaks normally contain steering that could take the form of a skeg or a rudder. 

Rudders are usually joined at the stern with the help of wires within the cockpit and are made to be retractable to more easy beach landings. 

Skegs are straight blades in the stem of the ocean kayak and these are helpful for smooth paddling when there is a strong ocean wind. 

Ocean Kayak Vs River Kayak vs Lake Kayak

When it comes to comparing these three types, river kayak and lake kayak have almost the same kind of characteristics, so when I am talking about a lake kayak it also tells you about a river kayak.

Lake kayaks perform well in rivers and lakes but not in whitewater. On the other hand, ocean kayak is designed for any open water, whether it’s actually the ocean or just the interior of a large lake. 

When comes to its length, ocean kayaks are often considerably longer. The shortest ocean kayaks come in around 9 feet but they can go all the way up to 24 feet, while you will find lake kayaks normally between 8 and 14 feet.

This difference comes because of two reasons.

  1. Lake kayaks need to be able to maneuver around obstacles, while ocean kayaks generally have plenty of space and time to avoid any obstacle they might come upon.
  2. While ocean kayaks are not always narrower most of them are 4 to 6 inches narrower. The kayak’s width changes its hull shape, ocean kayaks have a very angular profile and lake kayaks are rounded and bulging a bit around the cockpit.

In open water, the narrow hull helps an ocean kayak to cut through the waves and also keeps tracking straight. The only thing with ocean kayaks is that it can feel very tippy to paddlers who are not accustomed to them. 

The extra width of a lake kayak slows the kayak down and causes it to ride on top of waves instead of cutting through them. But it will provide you more stability.

Now let’s see the difference between Lake kayaks and ocean kayaks in the type of equipment and features they have.

With ocean kayaks you will usually have more gear attached to them. As ocean kayaks are typically longer than the lake kayaks, they often come with a front hatch because it can be hard to access things that are stored in front of the foot-pegs on these longer kayaks.

Lake kayaks are generally not packed with nearly as much gear, they come with limited features such as fishing rod holders or carry handles.

Features To Consider Before Buying an Ocean Fishing Kayak

Types of Kayak: Sit on Top vs Sit Inside (Which one to Choose for Sea Ride)

SOT (Sit On Top) Vs SIT (Sit Inside)

The big difference between the two sorts of kayaks is that the sit-inside has an enclosed cockpit than the sit on top kayak. Around the cockpit is a cockpit edge where you can join a spray skirt to keep water out. Inside the cockpit, you will discover a seat. 

Both sit-on-top and sit-inside kayaks have seats and some type of foot support, similar to the footwells in a sit-on-top kayak. Backrest support is there which makes sitting in a kayak a lot comfortable.

Sit-on-top kayaks are the easiest to understand. They’re truly steady, simple to get in and out of them. They’re likewise self-bailing, which implies they have little openings (called “scupper holes”) that permit the water to run out directly through them. 

Every one of these highlights makes the sit-on-top kayak an incredible decision for anxious paddlers, for warm situations, and for rowing with kids who love to swim. 

Sit-inside type covers your lower body from the breeze, which makes them a lot warmer. Sit-inside kayaks are extraordinary for paddlers who’ll be on cooler water and who need to remain dry while rowing and they consider the kayak in excess of a vehicle for movement than a toy.

All these things make the sit-on-top kayak a great selection for nervous anglers or for beginners, and for the warm climate. The disadvantage to sit-on-top kayak is that you will get wet while paddling, 

but that’s the fun in the game.

While sit-inside kayaks allow you to stay dry and if you are an experienced paddler and can play well in windy and wavy conditions then sit-inside kayaks can be a good choice for you as it can gain more pace while paddling.

Solo vs Tandem Kayak 

Solo kayak 

In a solo kayak, you get the freedom to go whichever direction you want. With this type of kayak, you have complete control and that you’ll enjoy an argument-free paddling and always have the option of kayaking when nobody else is available. 

Your kayak is normally lighter in weight so it can be easier for you to handle while transportation. If you like fishing, solo kayaks can be the perfect setup and can provide you more cargo space for your gear.

The cons of a solo kayak are that if you have a young child that is not very ready to paddle on their own, then single kayaks may not help you in this. Many people do paddle with kids in their laps but it’s not efficient and unsafe depending on conditions. You may lose an advantage to bond with your co-paddler.

While some prefer paddling alone, some kayakers seem to enjoy paddling with their partner.

Tandem Kayaks

Tandem kayaks are a great way to spend quality time together with your partner, friend or children. You’ll be involved in a conversation and will be able to share the overall experience. 

Once you get the hang of it, paddling will be efficient and in some cases quicker also. If one tires out, the other person can continue on. While some tandem kayaks can be more costly than similar single kayak models, 

you will still spend less than you would if you bought two single models.

The biggest problem in a tandem kayak is the lack of freedom. You run into a condition where one person chooses to paddle in a specific direction while the other may be completely opposed to it. 

Finally, if you wanted to share the paddling experience with someone else, you’ll obviously need to get two single kayaks, which will result in spending more than you would if you just bought one tandem kayak.

P.S if you plan to fish on a tandem kayak, just make sure you don’t hook each other.

Weight Capacity of Your Kayak

The weight capacity of a kayak means how much weight a kayak can lift and can still safely float. Each Ocean kayak comes with a specified number that tells its weight limit. of course, this helps a lot to the paddlers to make their choice while selecting a kayak. 

So, when a weight limit is given, the amount of your weight and your gear that you are carrying should be minus about 30 percent for the given carrying capacity

Let’s just take an example; if your kayak has a weight limit of 350 lbs so you along with your material should be around 240 lbs.

Because if you carry a weight that is equal to the mentioned weight, for example; the weight limit is 350 lbs and your weight plus your items are also nearly 350 lbs, then the kayak will float a little but will lose its stability and maneuverability

So, it’s always better to be some down when concerned with the weight capacity.

Stability of Kayak on Sea Water

Stability is where kayaks constructed for the ocean differ from nearly every other type of kayak available in the market. 

These kayaks need to have enough stability to withstand wave conditions and extreme surf that the sea brings. This can be difficult to come by because kayaks for the ocean also need to be narrower to move straight forward efficiently. But this is where secondary stability works for it.

A more narrow ocean kayak can easily tip over than a wider one. Manufacturers have figured this problem out and come up with a way of fixing it. 

Primary stability means when you are simply sitting on the water not paddling much. The secondary stability is when you are moving your kayak at great force and still it does not tip over.

Secondary stability can be seen by looking at the shape of its hull. A sharper or rounded hull will be the ones to look at. The hull is the shape of the curve at the ground of your boat. 

It is one of the most significant aspects of your kayak that will not only tell its overall stability but also how fast your kayak will travel.

Length and Width of the Kayak

Ocean kayaks normally start from around 12 feet for a solo ocean kayak, there are some shorter ocean kayaks starting around 10 ft and the longest can go up to 20 ft Tandem ocean kayak lengths average about another 1 to 2 ft longer than solo.

You will observe that ocean kayaks are a bit longer than other recreational kayaks since longer kayaks are faster, track straight and cut through the water better than their shorter alternatives. This is because a longer kayak is narrower or slim and can still displace the same amount of water that it can give the same buoyancy as a shorter or wider kayak does.

Ocean kayaks come in different width sizes. Generally telling, choosing a wider ocean kayak will provide better stability and is a better option for the beginners

Widths around 30-35 inches will suit best to your requirements. 

If you go below these given widths with a longer kayak the chances of flipping over will be more So, make sure to choose the combination of the right width and length in order to gain good speed and stability.

Storage Capacity

When doing fishing form a kayak, having a lot of storage space turns out to be considered significant when kayak fishing offshore. Not exclusively you will need extra room for your bait and fishing supply bag so as to fish, yet also in addition to your food and drink.

Also, consider an important thing that a kayak should have dry storage available. This is important for you as your stuff such as mobile phone, keys, food, extra stay dry and secure while you are paddling. 

Also, on hot days, some of the kayaks come with a cooler option to keep your favorite beverages.

Propulsion Of Your Kayak

A kayak is mainly propelled by a powered motor, paddle, or pedal. We will discuss below how these methods work with their pros and cons.


Power is one of the easiest and less tiring methods of propulsion. This system will be good for the kayakers who want to reach their desired spot in no time. 

Also, if you want to go far on the water, then only power propelled kayaks will work well. It not only will save time but also your energy. 

The main problem with this kind of propulsion is that an extra cost is added to your pocket, you have to purchase an engine, won’t cost more but still costs more than the other two kinds of propulsion. 

The maintenance of batteries and other things is very essential. Also, the sound of the engine will make the fish aware of you.


The paddle is one of the most inexpensive kinds of propulsion and has very practical benefits. The kayak is propelled by a paddle using your arms. This type of system works really well in shallower as well as deeper regions. 

Also, it will not cover the area of your deck as the motor kayak does, so you have decent storage space available. 

The con of the paddle propulsion is that it makes splashes and this can wet you sometimes. But that’s a kind of fun. 

Since, you are using your arms in this type, paddling in extreme windy and the wavy conditions are not so easy.


The pedal propulsion is done by the paddler’s foot. This is really a great method that offers speed and control at the same time and this will help to overcome all the extremely harsh conditions found out on the water. 

You will not get tired soon by this propulsion since you are using your legs and they generate more stamina and pressure than your arms. This method of propulsion also leaves your hand free for fishing and other purposes. A hand-operated rudder tracks the kayak.

The only problem with this system is that it won’t work well in the shallower region and also the pedal kayak is more expensive than paddle kayak.

Seat Comfortability, Support, Adjustments, and Easy Replacement

The seat’s comfortability, support, adjustments, and easy replacements is a very important aspect, and many people don’t pay attention to this. While choosing a kayak, it’s very essential for you to look for a comfortable seat. 

The seat’s key comfort comes from its foam-padded. How will it be for you to sit on a hard surface for some hours? NOT GREAT RIGHT !!

Check whether the seat is padded by foam or not. 

Not only the base to be comfortable, but it’s also very essential for a seat to have back support. As you know fishing takes time and patience, and sitting in one position for a long period of time will break your back

Go for the back support that can move back and forth.

Replacement of the seat can also be done and that’s a very easy process. If you are not satisfied with your kayak’s seat you can replace it with an aftermarket seat. 

There are some companies that specifically build extra comfortable seats for your kayak.

Kayak Rod Holders

Kayak rod holders or also called fish rod holders is a very special feature present in an ocean kayak. These built-in rod holders can bring joy to your kayaking experience. 

Some manufacturers build rod holders during the construction of an ocean kayak. This will be normally flush mounted to the hull. So, do check whether the kayak you are looking for has fish rod holders or not. 

Kayak rod holders help you a lot in other ways also, you got your hands free after putting on fishing rods on the holders. So, you can paddle or can have your refreshments at that time.

The last you have to look for is how many rod holders are there in the kayak you have selected. Consider your usage before selecting the number of rod holders.

Extra Accessory

Kayaks come with a whole range of extra accessories that are designed to make your kayaking and fishing more enjoyable and more comfortable. Some kayaks have far more internal storage than their counterparts, so it’s a good idea to look at how much storage you need. How much gear do you normally take on a trip?

If you like to fish in warmer climates, then choose a kayak that features an onboard cooler to keep your favorite beverages ready to drink. If you need to carry it around a lot, search for the models that have carry handles. If you are on a low budget, check whether the models you are viewing come with paddles, or will you have to buy them separately. 

Before choosing a model look for what you need day-to-day and think carefully about how you will use your kayak. There is a whole host of included extra accessories available in the market, so select wisely.

10 Top Rated Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks Review

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost

The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 is a level water kayak that is emphatically developed and offers high soundness. It incorporates advantageous seats and rudder framework, and it is additionally one of the superior quality kayaks for cash. 

It incorporates 4 conveying handles with enough grasp, a pre-assembled cup holder. The back tank of the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 can be utilized as a load that likewise incorporates versatile bungee. Another element of art is a plate holder. 

The kayak tracks well overall and decent in any moving water and has incredible speed with the route framework. The structure configuration offers a decent scope of soundness, and in the event that you can adjust your body, at that point it is conceivable to remain on the Vibe 130 kayak. 

The Sea Ghost 130 is made with single-piece Rotomolded Polyethylene making it a toughened kayak to rule on waters.

The dual position Vibe Hero seat provides comfort and support for long days on the water.

Length – 13 ft

Width – 33 inch

Weight – 75 lbs

Capacity – 550 lbs


  1. Various storage compartments.
  2. 2 flush-mount rod holders.
  3. 4 integrated gear tracks for customized rigging.
  4. Contain a rudder for better tracking.
  5. Great speed and stability.
  6. Comfortable seats with backrest.


  1. Rudder and foot control system might occur difficulty to some in shallows.
  2. The big center console occupies a lot of space. 

Elkton Outdoors Tandem Fishing Kayak

The Elkton Outdoors Tandem Sit On Top Kayak is the wonderful fishing kayak for ocean, rivers, and lakes. It is made with ultra-durable Rotomold providing crack and puncture-resistant properties to the kayak.

The mounted adjustable rod holders permit for an adaptable fishing experience with any kind of water or climatic conditions. The internal storage is fully airtight to ensure your important materials are not spoiled while you are on the water. 

Additional storage can be seen at each end of the Elkton, so you can bring all your fishing gear and stuff along with you. 

The Center of the kayak contains a platform that fits ice chests and coolers to let you bring your favorite and special drinks.

Length – 12.2 ft

Width – 36 inch

Weight – 72 lbs

Capacity – 650 lbs


  1. Storage available for ice chests and cooler.
  2. Two carry handles for uncomplicated transport.
  3. Grand weight carrying capacity.
  4. Performs well in rough water and extreme weather conditions.


  1. Sometimes it feels difficult to navigate if driven solo.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

Sun Dolphin Journey’s compact size will actually bring more thrills to you on the waters. Like other kayaks, it can also withstand calm and rough water conditions. This kayak is not too costly but could provide you equal excitement and fun like the expensive one. It has got enough stability to carry you and your fishing gear.

The kayak includes one swivel rod holder and two flush-mount rod holders. The large open cockpit gives you an adjustable padded seat, storage compartments with water bottle holders. The self-bailing feature adds more good performance to the kayak.

The Journey paddles and tracks well and is suitable for lakes, rivers, and sea.

Length – 10 ft

Width – 30

Weight – 44 lbs

Capacity – 250 lbs 


  1. Adjustable foot braces.
  2. Comforting seating area with protective thigh pads.
  3. Portable accessory carrier.


  1. little bit low carrying capacity. 

SUN DOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Boss SS Sit-On/Stand On Top Angler Kayak

Sun Dolphin Boss SS is a genuinely strong decision of an ocean fishing kayak. Most importantly, this fishing kayak permits a stand-up fish strategy. This kayak has 5-rod holders, one of which is a rotatable holder introduced as an afterthought and 4-rod holders are fixed. This will allow you to carry more fishing rods along with you. 

The Boss SS kayak has a decent weight limit of 500 pounds, so you ought to have the option to have more things on you and furthermore take more fish home. Talking about sitting, this kayak accompanies a foldable, double position seat out of the box, and also it comes with footrests. 

This ocean kayak likewise has two genuinely large storage wells, one in the front and one in the back. This is a solid kayak that can withstand all the harsh conditions found on the ocean.

Length – 12.3 ft

Width – 33 inch

Weight – 78 lbs

Capacity – 500 lbs


  1. Catamaran hull design offers you a flat stable platform to stand.
  2. Comes with 4 flush-mount rod holders.
  3. Great storage option given.


  1. No color choice available.
  2. A little bit heavier than its alternative

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack | Foot Angler and Recreational

The Vibe Skipjack 90 is one of the more convenient kayaks of its group available. Weighing just 46 pounds, this 1 individual sit on top kayak has extraordinary compactness.

The kayak has 4 flush capped rod holders that will permit you to have various lines in the water on the double equipped for supporting numerous styles of fishing simultaneously

The Skipjack offers a variety of capacity alternatives. 2 fixed lids with pack supplements will keep all your indispensable things or gadgets safe from harm. 

An enormous bungee storage tank in the back will let you take large stuff, like a cooler or fishing supply container. Its polyethylene body gives unrivaled sturdiness and assurance against most sorts of debris you may experience. The trendy diverse structure will make you fish in style.

Length – 9 ft

Width – 32 inch

Weight – 46 lbs

Capacity – 300 lbs


  1. It is a great option for beginners.
  2. The Small size of this kayak does not occupy a large area for storage.
  3. Handles for easier carriage.
  4. Seems good.


  1. The shorter length makes it move relatively at slow speed.
  2. Not suitable for long day paddling.
  3. The seat is not completely movable.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two (SOT Recreation Kayak)

The Malibu Two is the kayak that can hold both you and a buddy on your angling experience. This three-man sit-on-top kayak has a weight limit of as much as 450 pounds. It has a little center seat that is fit for seating a youngster permitting the entire family to appreciate an incredible day on the water.

All seats feature ComfortPlus cushioning guaranteeing that you stay as comfortable as could be expected under the circumstances. Overlapping footwells will let a kayaker of any size effectively keep up control of the specialty. 

The kayak’s Bungee gear straps take into account a lot of capacity. The deck and body are intended for the most extreme storage limit. Two formed in convey handles make the transportation of the malibu a lot easier.

Length – 12 ft

Width – 34 inch

Weight – 57 lbs

Capacity – 425 lbs


  1. Several footrest positions.
  2. Ideal for couples or small families.
  3. Can be operated solo or tandem.
  4. It is comfortable for tall or overweight people.


  1. Limited color choices accessible. 
  2. You have to buy paddles separately because they are not included with the kayak.

Perception Pescador Pro

The Pescador Pro has a sit-on-top design that gives you great stability, comfort, and good performance to its clients. It has an accessory mount option and a good amount of storage for your all-day paddling.

This kayak is made up of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) giving it great build quality and turns out to be a rugged kayak. The seat given to this kayak tends to be one of the finest and comfortable. 

The kayak comes with fishing rod holders to enhance your fishing experience. The Pescador Pro is a lightweight model that offers you easy transportation making it great or pounds, lakes, and oceans.

Length -12 ft

Width – 32.5 inch

Weight – 64 lbs

Capacity – 375 lb


  1. Providing comfortable seating. 
  2. Easy to maneuver and to carry.
  3. Mesh available for securing your material.


  1. Unstable rod holders.
  2. Sometimes struggles a little bit in whitewater.

Ocean Kayak Frenzy

The Frenzy is a versatile choice for the ocean and this sit-on-top offers you great enjoyment and fun in a compact structure. Also, making it great with a tri-form hull that provides both primary and secondary stability. 

The self-bailing system of the kayak acts as a safety feature and gives you swamp free compartment. The stern tank with removable bungees and bow deck bungee offers you good storage to store your gears, food, and other materials. 

The kayak can be easily carried by the molded-in side handles and bow and stern. It has a four-way-adjustable seat that gives you a relaxing ride. Also, the Frenzy’ long center keel will make the kayak go directly straight

Length – 9 ft

Width – 31 inch

Weight – 43 lbs

Capacity – 325 lbs


  1. Provides great stability on the water.
  2. Portable and.compact design.
  3. Self-bailing holes don’t allow Frenzy to swamp.


  1. Speeding up is difficult because of the shorter length.
  2. No paddles and scupper holes are there in it. 

Perception Rambler 13.5 | Sit on Top Tandem Kayak

The Perception Rambler is a playful sit-on-top tandem kayak offering supreme stability and enjoyment for a wide range of ages and abilities. Perfect for having fun on ocean bays, lakes, and rivers, the Rambler energizes confidence in a design that is simple to maneuver.

It has a roomy molded-in seat that offers easy to get in and out for anyone. An additional mold-in center seat for the kids and pets. The bungee cord lashes secure gear of any size and shape. This kayak can be configured for a solo paddler with the installation of 4 deck loops that are sold separately. 

With one-piece roto mold construction and hand-assembled in the USA, the Rambler offers you great strength and performance.

Length – 13.5 ft

Width – 34 inch

Weight – 78 lbs

Capacity – 550 lbs


  1. Affordable price.
  2. Leak-proof one-piece construction.
  3. You can take a child or your pet along with you.


  1. No drain plugs.
  2. More comfortable seats needed for all-day paddling.

Lifetime Tamarack Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak

The Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 is fitted with two flush-mounted fishing rod holders and one top mount fishing rod holder. You’ll have the option to put out different lines without a moment’s delay consistently and effectively. 

Because of the open body of the kayak, you’ll likewise have the option to store all the fish you get without trading off your comfort. The Lifetime Tamarack Angler likewise can move consistently and quickly through the water.

The body of the kayak is worked from UV-ensured high-density Polyethylene, which is an amazingly tough material. The kayak has multiple footrest positions for paddlers of all sizes. The Tamarack Angler is so safe and stable that you won’t need to consider it while in it.

Length – 10 ft

Width – 31 inch

Weight – 52 lbs

Capacity – 275 lb


  1. Very good stability.
  2. Numerous Footrest Placement for Different Size Paddlers.
  3. Three-rod holders for you to offer hassle-free paddling.
  4. Super tracking ability.


  1. Sometimes faces hardship in rougher conditions.
  2. Only one Color available.

Final Words

Well, there we have it. We have taken a broad look at the best ocean fishing kayak and their aspects. I hope now you won’t feel any difficulties to select an Ocean kayak, but still, I will add some recommendations to help you more. 

Over all performance – The perfect performer for you will be Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost.

Editor’s Pick – Elkton outdoors tandem 12.2 is my choice. 

Affordable – For the paddlers with a tight budget, I will recommend Sun Dolphin Journey.

However, All the above reviewed kayaks are well suited for any ocean ride. you can pick any one from it. 

I truly believe that this article has really helped you, and now it’s time for you to go out and explore the huge water bodies.

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