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Do you need a sit-on-top kayak? Sounds you really have a wonderful choice.

After all, sit-on-top is one of the most used and preferred types of kayak. 

With great stability, a good amount of storage space, being more comfortable, and virtually unsinkable, the sit-on-top can be the best option for the beginners or kids and has been always a great type for experts.

There are hundreds of sit-on-top available in the market. But which one should you buy? This can be very hard and puzzling. But you don’t have to stay confused as this guide will give every essential aspect you need for selecting a kayak.

But before selecting the right kayak you have to go through some factors that will direct you in the right choosing procedure.

Some factors include kayak’s material, weight, dimensions, storage, some other features, characteristics, and why to choose Sit-on-top over other types?

So, read this buying guide thoroughly and then make your own decision according to what has been taught to you in this article. 

Let’s Find What Is A Sit On Top Kayak?

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Sit on top fishing kayak generally comes with an open compartment made for the user to get in and out. This type gives an easy enter-exit and also creates sufficient space for storing your items or stuff.

There are some Sit on top kayak models containing scupper holes for a self-bailing system, the design lets the kayak pull out the water from the compartment area by utilizing gravity and not pumps of any type. This activity takes place right to the bottom (hull) of the kayak. The whole system provides you a swamp free compartment.

One of the best benefits is that if you fall off your kayak, it’s much easier and simpler than Sit-inside Kayak to get back on the water. 

One downside of Sit on top kayak is that it is more often to get wet while rowing. Yet, it makes them extraordinary kayaks for beginners or kids and also for the experts.

Benefits – Why Choose A Sit On Top Kayak?

Capsizing Is Less Dangerous In A Sit On Top Kayak

Security is the main factor with regards to kayaking. beginners and youngsters can utilize sit on top kayaks without the fear of being caught inside the kayak if it turns over. Rather, in the event that they do capsize, the paddler just falls off and can swim back to grasp the kayak. 

The kayak is extremely simple to get upright once more, obviously, being a sit on top, it doesn’t load up with much water. Continuously make sure to wear a buoyancy aid while kayaking!

Sit On Top Kayaks Are Virtually Unsinkable

Sit-on-top has a wide and open cockpit, this gives them high initial stability. Joined with the way that there is air between the internal and external hulls, makes these kayaks virtually unsinkable. 

Accordingly, sit-on-top kayaks are an obvious decision for fishing. Sit-on-top are additionally self-bailing, which implies they have small holes (called “scupper holes”) that permit the water to drain directly through them and makes the kayak swamp free and unsinkable.

They Are More Comfortable And User-friendly

Sit-on-top kayaks have a couple of points of interest over sit-in kayaks, one of which is comfort. Users with large body types, long legs, or restricted flexibility may feel less limited paddling a sit-on-top. Sit-on-tops are the easiest to understand. 

They’re entirely stable, simple to get in and out of and there is no feeling of confinement on them. 

Since they are not difficult to slip on and off them, they are incredible for children (and grown-ups) who are more anxious or the individuals who simply need to paddle and swim simultaneously.

You Have More Storage Space In A Sit On Top!

You can even take your dogs or other pets! Because the reality of sit-on-top is so light and strong. Utilize the dry storage hatches, flexible ropes, and space between your legs and there are bags of space for your things. 

There is a dry Storage Pod, which permits you to convey a greater amount of your gear in a dry, safe condition. 

Presently you have a couple of reasons why sit-on-top kayaks are an incredible buy for all kayakers, new and experienced. We accept that sit on top kayaks truly offers an incredible option for recreation paddlers to the shut deck kayak. For the reasons above we believe it’s an easy decision truly when buying a kayak!

Which One Is Better & Stable? Sit On Top vs Sit-In Fishing Kayak

SOT (Sit-on-top)


Perfect for multi-individual use — Sit-on kayaks can hold several pounds of weight, with many models alright for at least 500 pounds, so they’re incredible for pair use. 

Simple customization — Many extraordinary sit-on kayaks can be changed to suit your needs, which has mounts for fishing posts, GPS gadgets or cameras, rudders, and even engines. 

Extraordinary for fishing — Sit-on kayaks permit the superb scope of movement during throwing, trolling, and reeling. Many sit-on kayaks are specifically shaped for fishermen and even have worked in fish rod holders that do a great part of the work for you.

Simple to board — With a sit-on-top kayak, there’s no cockpit to let down into. Rather, you simply bounce on, which makes mounting from the dock, seashore, or even a big pontoon simpler and swifter. 

Pedal and rudder alternatives — Many sit-on kayaks have foot-driven pedals and hand-worked rudders. An introduced rudder implies more speed, more prominent control, and a fantastic full-body exercise, as well.


Sik (Sit Inside Kayak)

Sit-inside kayak can be an incredible decision for the kayakers who need a quick-moving kayak. 

It has an open compartment where the paddler moves in and really sits inside the body of the kayak with his legs underneath the deck. It permits the client to support the knees off within dividers of the body so as to create progressively solid and efficient paddle strokes. 

SIK better secures in unpleasant water and unforgiving climate conditions. The lower center of gravity means effective paddling. 

The main drawback of this kayak is that if it flips, recovering isn’t a simple procedure as you are sitting inside the frame of the kayak.

All things together make the sit-on-top kayak a great selection for nervous anglers or for beginners, and also for the experts. While sit-inside kayaks allow you to gain more speed in less time but as per advice stability is more important than high speed and Sit-on-top does this for you.

Features to Consider Before Buying  the best Sit On Top Kayak



Polyethylene material kayak implies a kayak built up of plastic. 

Polyethylene comes in a few densities and can be shaded differently. It is tough and effects safe material. In view of its durability, This material is wonderful on impact resistance.

Plastic (polyethylene) powder is filled in a shape, warmed, and turned to frame a total, one-piece kayak. 

The kayak made by this material is heavier in weight but low in cost. It needs low upkeep. This material can be harmed by exposure to UV and needs a defensive covering to the body and deck.

The kayak developed by this material won’t cut and break effectively and on the off chance that it occurs, it tends to be fixed with basic plastic welding, lathery water, and ordinary clean.  

A downturn in the deck and structure zone can be caused because of exposure to sun or other warmth sources. Now and then the shape can be complicated due to putting it away too firmly on a thin hard rooftop/storage rack. 

In any case, depression can vanish when brought away from the Sun, heat, or different pressure.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (Thermoform) is a non-straightforward thermoplastic. ABS tend to be a composite material, containing an external layer of vinyl and hard ABS and an inward layer of ABS foam. The layers are joined by heat treatment. 

Thermoform is utilized for assembling tough, mid-valued kayaks. The kayaks made by this material are harder and lighter than polyethylene kayaks

These kayaks, for the most part, have UV assurance in the external layer.The quality of being abrasion resistance gives it the best toughness of all. The fabrication of acrylic over ABS makes a reflexive kayak and makes it look great. 

This type of plastic turns out to be dynamically poor in quality over an all-inclusive timeframe. In any case, in contrast to other plastic kayaks, Thermoform is commonly recyclable.

PVC and Nitrilon

Inflatable kayaks are made of flexible Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). this material, for the most part, comes in 2 structures inflexible and flexible and is the world’s third-most broadly delivered manufactured plastic polymer. 

A few properties of PVC are that they are strong and adaptable. They are non-inflammable.  This material is cheap in cost and is the densest among different plastics.

Nitrilon is composed of layers of manufactured materials and woven textures, for example, neoprene. The kayak constructed of this material easily folds up and is lighter. 

They will, in general, be abrasion-resistant, waterproof, and UV-safe. so you don’t need to apply UV resistant products on your kayak.

The weight of a kayak relies on its length, width, and material. Kayaks are intended to be light and versatile, that is the reason numerous individuals select kayaks rather than conventional boats. 

Pick a kayak that isn’t too heavy and can be transported without any hesitation. The weight must be kept to a base but at the same time, it should be tough enough to hold your weight, the heaviness of the fishing gear, and obviously the weight of your catch.

A normal decent solo kayak can be associated with 30 lbs to 560 lbs and a tandem kayak can be little bit more than th


Any great kayak roundup needs to at any rate tip the cap toward kayak lengths. You can get kayaks in lengths from around 6′ to 14′ or significantly more. 

Short kayaks are great at stability. Long kayaks are increasingly productive at rowing straight. 

Longer kayaks will, in general, have better steadiness and more space for gear. They’re regularly picked for long periods of paddling or kayak fishers who need more space for tackle and dependability on untamed water. 

Short kayaks are extraordinary for paddling in waterways like whitewater or other agile application.

Your normal recreational kayak will normally be around 9-14′ depending with 10-12′ likely being the most well-known alternative out there.

In this way, in the event that you need to utilize it in little lakes, rivers, or whitewater at that point shorter kayaks are a superior choice, and if you are angling greater waterways like ocean or seas at that point go for the longer kayaks.


The beam of the kayak also known as kayak’s width has a great role in kayak’s stability. The stability of the kayak will provide you more safety. 

With respect to stability, there are two sorts to consider: 

1) Primary stability – The primary stability means how stable the kayak will be on flat water conditions.

2) Secondary stability – The secondary stability is the stability of a kayak in more unpleasant waters, explicitly the capacity to remain stable when tipped over by a wave. 

Flat bottomed kayaks have great essential strength and will perform well in quiet, flat water. Put one of them in whitewater, however, and you’ll before long be head over heels submerged. 

The inverse is valid for kayaks intended for uneven waters; they regularly feel shaky in flat water. Finding the correct balance among primary and secondary stability is a piece of the test for kayak producers.

If the beam is wider it will provide more stability but on the other hand, it will decrease the kayak’s speed. 

So, the normal width for a kayak ought to be around 30 inches to 40 inches.


The seat is one of the most significant viewpoints to have an enjoyable time while kayaking. A well-cushioned and secured with fine fabric seat can make you paddle for a long time without getting physically exhausted.

There was a time when manufacturers didn’t paid much attention to the seats but further, as the kayaking spread like anything they really felt the need to improve seat quality, and at the present time, you have good quality seats available.

These seats mostly come with adjustable straps and more fine padding. But if still, you are not satisfied with your kayak’s seat you can opt for a different one. There are still many extra fine seats available in the market.

It’s a good point if a seat comes with adjustable straps. Getting support in the right spot is the key and adjustable straps do it for you. Also, the backrest is very important, it not only support your back but also helps you a lot for efficient paddling.


Most of the kayak will come with a footrest system. The footrest is an important piece of outfitting in a kayak and it gives a contact point where you can shift the energy you get from your paddle into the movement of the kayak and in this way you can control the direction of the kayak with your feet. It is a great safety feature that stops you from sliding into your kayak. This is especially essential when out on whitewater.

Different footrest systems are adjusted in different ways. Some foam footrests have sections removed or added and are cut and shaped. Some other fixed footrests need to be adjusted using cords or bolts and may need you to add extra plates and foam. Just make sure that there are no gaps around the footrests that your feet can slide into or past.


Sit-on-top Kayak comes with a good amount of storage space, and it is very beneficial, especially when you are thinking of fishing with a lot of gear and items.

It’s better to have dry storage. Normally, a kayak has dry storage hatches both in front and rear of its seat, so you can keep your valuable stuff and gear in the back.

Even if the hatches are dry, it is always a fine thought to have some dry bags which will keep your gear protected from getting wet. There are many models of Sit-on-top with bungee cord rigging where you can secure your stuff. 

If you like to fish, look for how much-dedicated storage is available. A kayak built up for fishing will have somewhere to store your paddle and rod holders while and then you can enjoy your snack. Also, the paddle holders will allow you to fish more conveniently. 


A rudder is a sharp edge present at the stern of the kayak that can turn from side to side. Foot pedals in the cockpit control it. Recall that your rudder may have a “keeper cord” to secure it to the deck during capacity and transportation. The rudder is utilized in the pedal drive. 


One size fits for all. The open body and variety of footwells give a kayak that feels exclusively fit for any individual who moves in. Joined with our extraordinarily planned seating that is movable and breathable, you’re prepared for everything the sea needs to throw at you. 


A paddle has the main role to move the kayak and it is very important to have a good paddle that takes the performance of the kayak to a different level.

It isn’t exceptional for a kayak paddle to be two pounds (32 ounces (910 grams) ) or less and over the top expensive paddle can be as light as 22 ounces (620 grams). 

Less expensive kayak paddles have an aluminum shaft while progressively costly ones utilize lighter fiberglass or carbon fiber shaft. A few paddles have a small diameter shaft for individuals with smaller hands. Paddle length changes with a more extended paddle being more qualified for stronger individuals, taller individuals, and individuals utilizing the paddle in a wider kayak. 

Blades differ in shape and size. An edge with a bigger surface region might be desirable for a tough person with great shoulder joints, however, tiring for a weaker person or an individual with not exactly weaker shoulder joints. Some paddle producers offer sharp edges in three sizes and can be selected according to that.


How much does a sit on top kayak cost?

The cost of a sit-on-top kayak totally depends upon its material, construction technique, size, shape, comfort, and types of equipment and accessories.

So, let’s have a look at different pricing of kayak based on its type.

Inflatables SOT kayak

An inflatable Sit-on-top is the one offering you the ease of transportation and their cost can start from around 100$ but the price will rise to add superior quality material and plenty of features and this phenomenon is will take place in all types.

Sit On Top Kayak For Beginners

Beginner kayaks come with a large compartment to make it easy for the novice to get in and out, with decent storage. Beginner kayaks are also more stable because stability is the major priority for them. A beginner kayak can cost you between 200$ – 400$ and usually stay under 300$.

SOT Fishing kayak

The availability of extra components for fishing, such as rod holders, etc. makes the fishing kayak start from 350$.

Whitewater kayak

For the use in water sports and A kayaker who likes water sports and rapid rivers, a whitewater sit-on-top is made up of high-quality material to withstand all the worse conditions. 

A whitewater kayak can start around 700$.

Sit on Top Kayak for Ocean

Ocean Sit-on-top kayaks are the most expensive of all kinds. The tough and durable material is meant to last on long tours and choppy waters. These kayaks are longer in size and their 

price starts from 900$ and can go till 1500$.

Top Rated 5 Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks Review

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 13 Foot Angler – Comes with Comfort Seat, Transducer Port, Rod Holders, Storage, and Rudder System (*Top Rated*)

The Sea Ghost 130 is shaped by single-piece Rotomolded Polyethylene making it a solid kayak to govern on the waters.

This kayak offers you extraordinary speed and steadiness simultaneously. 

The kayak has a back incubate, a 20″ oval bring forth, a huge bungee back tank well, and a huge focus comfort. It incorporates 2 flush-mount bar holders and 4 coordinated apparatus tracks. 

The double position seat gives you extraordinary solace and back help with the goal that you can spend quite a while on the water.  

The even structure gives you an incredible execution and the included rudder framework tracks well and spares your endurance throughout the day rowing in solid tides and breezy days.

Fishermen can go anyplace they need with less battle and can undoubtedly stand and fish once they reach there.

Length – 13 ft

Width – 33 inch

Weight – 75 lbs

Capacity – 550 lb


  1. Plenty of storage compartments.
  2. The rudder is provided for better tracking.
  3. Good speed and stability.
  4. Comfortable seats with backrest for long paddling.
  5. Great for heavier people.


  1. Rudder and foot control systems might not work properly in shallows.
  2. The big center console covers some of the space. 

Perception Pescador Pro 12 Foot SOT Kayak (*Editors Pick*)

The Perception Pescador Pro is made with high-thickness polyethylene (HDPE) giving unprecedented structure quality great toughness, scraped area, and effect obstruction. It goes with fishing pole holders and is sensible for lakes, lakes, and oceans.

The adaptable and removable camp seat is the most relaxed and comfortable up seat found on any kayak. The sit-on-top structure offers you an impressive proportion of capacity and accessory mount options making it basic for the duration of the day use. 

The lighter heap of the kayak improves transportation and versatility, allowing you to paddle viably on the waters. The kayak prompts authentic rowing execution, quality, to its customers.

Length -12 ft

Width – 32.5 inch

Weight – 64 lbs

Capacity – 375 lbs


  1. Removable Pro Seat.
  2. The seat can be lowered for relaxed paddling.
  3. Quick-adjust footrests accommodate paddlers of all sizes.
  4. Upright Rod Storage in two integrated holders for easy access.
  5. Large front and rear open storage for cooler, tackle, and other gear.


  1. Sometimes battles a little bit in whitewater.

Emotion Spitfire Sit-On-Top Kayak (*Value For Money*)

The emotion spitfire has a built-in padded CRS + UltraLite Seat. The rear tank well with cargo net lacing for storage. The kayak is added with a storage hatch below the deck.

It has side carry handles and molded-in paddle keepers and the molded-in freedom footwells for comfort and secure foot bracing.

The Spitfire’s self-bailing scupper holes drain the water from the tank well and cockpit. The front and rear handles are provided for easy transport. The UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene Construction gives Ultra Stability and Great Tracking.

Length – 9 ft

Width – 31 ft

Weight – 45 lbs

Capacity – 350 lbs


  1. Easy and simple to control.
  2. It offers excellent stability.
  3. Large storage space available.
  4. Decent weight capacity.


  1. Shorter length reduces speed.

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

The Angler 100 is framed by blow-shaped high-thickness polyethylene (HDPE) making it UV-secured, sway safe, tough, and sturdy. The kayak has stun rope straps, fishing pole holders, different footrest positions, and two stockpiling portals.

This sit-on-top angling kayak that has a relaxing and an agreeable cushioned seat and backrest for you to have a decent taxing day rowing and kayaking experiences. It is organized in a manner to give you extraordinary solidness and well-being. 

The Tamarack 100 is a greatly renowned kayak and the steady level base with profound following channels and soundness chine rails will amplify your rowing and angling experience.

Length – 10 ft

Width – 31 inch

Weight – 52 lbs

Capacity – 275 lbs


  1. Outstanding stability and safety.
  2. Numerous Footrest Positions for all sizes Paddlers.
  3. Three built-in fish-rod holders.
  4. Good tracking ability.


  1. Not created for rough water use.

Perception Pescador 10 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak with Front Storage Well | Large Rear Storage and Dual Rod Holders | 10′

The Pescador 10 is a great kayak to cruise, explore, and fish. It has a simple and easy open front hatch with latching lid and massive rear tank well-providing loads of storage. It comes with a comfortable seating system with thick ventilated padding for superior support.

It is constructed with a leak-proof one-piece with built-in buoyancy for added safety. The optimized construction and design make it easier to carry. The kayak comes with a convenient drink holder that keeps your favorite beverage from spilling.

The Pescador 10 is proudly designed, molded, and hand-assembled in the USA

And can be used in the water types: lakes and ponds, slow-moving rivers and Streams and calm coastal waters.

Length – 10.6 ft

Width – 32 inch

Weight – 57 lbs

Capacity – 325 lbs


  1. Tough and durable body.
  2. Very Stable.
  3. Comfortable seat.


  1. Limited dry storage.

Pelican Kayak Sonic 80X | Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak 

The Pelican Sonic 80X is designed with an open compartment, molded carrying handle for easy transportation, this lightweight kayak is the perfect first watercraft. The twin tunnel makes it simple and easy to maneuver and offers ultra stability which allows quick mastering of the kayak.

This self-bailing Sit-On kayak comes with a tank well and a bungee cord to carry any needed equipment or item for your travels on the water.

The Sonic 80X has a molded footrests to fit a comfortable paddling position, An ERGOFORM padded backrest, a bottle holder in front of the seat, and a drain plug preventing water infiltration.

Length – 8 ft

Width – 29 inch

Weight – 37 lbs

Capacity – 225 lbs


  1. Self-bailing design.
  2. Adjustable Ergofoam padded seat.
  3. Bottle holder, drain pug, backrest.
  4. Molded footrests.


  1. Hard to gain high speed because of short length.
  2. No advanced features.

Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle

The lifetime lotus is constructed with polyethylene material and is proudly made in the USA. It has the quick release seat back for more comfort and multiple footrests position for all sizes of paddlers.

The kayak comes with a tank well storage with bungee cord lacing for securing loose material or items. It has a center carry handle for easy carrying and transportation. The Lotus comes along a paddle so you don’t have to buy separately.

Length – 8 ft

Width – 30 inch

Weight – 37 lbs

Capacity – 250 lbs


  1. Compact size.
  2. Storage with a bungee cord.
  3. Good stability.


  1. Not suitable for taller people.

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 9 Foot Angler and Recreational Sit On Top

The Skipjack 90 is worked with Rotomolded single piece high-thickness polyethylene (HDPE). This kayak has a front and back stockpiling compartment for you to take extra stuff. It goes with a padded seat, a Journey paddle 4 x flush mount bar holders, fixed capacity, and a great deal of comparability with angling gears.

It has a good seat on its top supporting a backrest. This kayak is close-stuffed, adaptable and its little size makes it fit in the boot of most SUVs or is adequately on the highest point of a vehicle. 

Length – 9 ft

Width – 32 inch

Weight – 46 lbs

Capacity – 300 lbs


  1. It is an incredible alternative for learners.
  2. The Small size of this kayak doesn’t involve a huge zone for storing. 
  3. Handles for simpler carriage.
  4. Seems great.


  1. The shorter length makes it move generally at low speed. 
  2. Not reasonable for all-day paddling.

BKC RA220 11.6′ Single Fishing Kayak Angler Kayak

The BKC (Brooklyn Kayak Company) RA220 is steady enough for standing and makes it less complex for you to stand-up fish. It has a self-bailing structure in which the different channel ports clear water that comes into the kayak.

This kayak has paddle rests to monitor your paddle when your hands are busy with pole and reel, denying over the edge loss. Twin flush-mounted post holders can hold your poles when you are rowing. It incorporates a foot pedal worked rudder for exceptional control in all water conditions.

It involves four stockpiling regions, three are watertight and perfect for wallet, keys, phone, and your lunch. The fourth is an open burden locale with a bungee secure system for keeping greater material. 

The RA220 has everything a customer requires for an authoritative kayaking experience.

Length – 11.5 ft
Width – 34 inch
Weight – 68 lbs

Capacity – 450 lbs


  1. Leak-proof storage.
  2. Great Steadiness while standing.
  3. Seat comes with aluminum frames.
  4. Rudder for good control and tracking.


  1. Seat is not moving up and down.
  2. Somewhat heavier in weight than its other options.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

The Ocean Kayak Malibu comes with a tri-structure advancement urges this kayak to recognize the paddlers of all skill levels and it is proposed to adjust on calm streams and moderate waves. It gives you adaptability and security at the same time.

The kayak is given two Comfort Plus seat backs with mobility and extra froth padding for you to not feel tired soon. It will, in general, be used for solo rowing just as a pair. This model is the most notable sit-on-top pair on the planet. 

You can even take a third explorer (depending on weight limit), with seating of a few adults including a little kid or a pet, make it an unbelievable kayak for pair clients. It is littler, arranged for the ocean, and freshwater experience.

Length – 12 ft

Width – 34 inch

Weight – 57 lbs

Capacity – 425 lbs


  1. Multiple footrest positions provided.
  2. Ideal for couples or little families.
  3. Can be worked solo or 2 Person.
  4. It is comfortable for tall or overweight individuals.


  1. Limited color selection. 
  2. You have to buy paddles independently because they do not come with the kayak.


I have given you a very helpful buying guide. I have tried my best to reduce all the confusion and anyone who keeps these precious rules in mind can easily make his own decision. To help you more below I am going to add some recommendations.

Top Rated – One of the best performing Kayak which I will suggest is Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130.

Editor’s Pick – My personal selection will be Perception Pescador Pro 12.

Affordable – Go with the Emotion Spitfire.

All the other reviewed kayaks are also the best models and you can choose according to your requirements.

So, now what to wait for? Go ahead, choose the desired model, and have fun on the water.