10 Best 2 Person Tandem Fishing Kayak in 2020 (Buying Guide)

Last Updated on December 2021 


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Tandem Kayak

Thinking of uniting with family and kayaking? And searching for the best Tandem fishing kayak

That’s amazing !

since tandem kayaking adds on a lot more when done with your family, friend, or partner.

You can go fishing, camping, or maybe just to see the beauty of nature. 

And for experiencing this joy with someone you need to have the best tandem fishing kayak and that’s what we are going to help you with.

Choosing a tandem fishing kayak according to your desire or needs is very challenging. How will you come to know the best tandem fishing kayak? 

Years of experience have taught me a lot and I came up with the 10 top-rated best tandem fishing kayaks available in the market. But the question arises again, how will you select your own kayak among these 10 models?

The answer to this question is that I have presented some features that need to be considered before choosing a tandem kayak. 

Come on, let’s kick off with the basic understanding. 

How To Choose The Best Tandem Fishing Kayak – Complete guide

As I told you that you need to consider some features before selecting your kayak and it’s very important. In fact, this consideration will surely help you a lot to make your decision. 

So consider these features carefully and make your decision according to it. 

What Makes a Tandem Fishing Kayak Different 

I think that the best tandem fishing kayak will be able to balance practical features in useful locations, a decent amount of storage for two people, and comfortable seating with plenty of legroom.

Perhaps with the option to customize the kayak in the future – if you want to add fish finders, GPS, or a trolling motor or pedal drive.

Below I have covered all the Features and selection Criteria that will help you find the right 2 person kayak.

Features To Consider Before Buying a Tandem Fishing Kayak

Types of Tandem Fishing Kayak 

Sot (Sit On Top)

Sit on top fishing kayak generally comes with an open compartment made for the user to get in and out. This type gives an easy enter-exit and also creates sufficient space for storing your items or stuff

There is some Sit on top kayak models containing scupper holes for a self-bailing system, the design lets the kayak pull out the water from the compartment area by utilizing gravity and not pumps of any type. This activity takes place right to the bottom (hull) of the kayak. The whole system provides you a swamp free compartment.

One of the best benefits is that if you fall off your kayak, it’s much easier and simpler than Sit-inside Kayak to get back on the water. 

One downside of Sit on top kayak is that it is more often to get wet while rowing. Yet, it makes them extraordinary kayaks for beginners or kids and also for the experts.

Sik (Sit Inside Kayak)

Sit-inside-kayak can be a good decision for the paddlers who will paddle in cooler water since it permits you to remain dry while you are paddling. This can be an incredible kayak for the person who needs quick-moving kayaks.

This kind of kayak also comes with an open cockpit where the paddler moves in and really sits inside the structure of the kayak while setting his legs beneath the deck. It permits the paddler to support the knees off within dividers of the body to help in producing progressively effective paddle strokes. A sit-inside kayak can be extremely long or less long or it could have a broader beam and a greater cockpit. With this sort, you have more space in the kayak for putting your items.

A Sit-in kayak better secure in harsh water or bad climate conditions. The structure of the kayak gives it a lower focal point of gravity, which turns out into better stability and progressively efficient paddling. 

If at any chance that this sort of Kayak flips, recovery isn’t a simple strategy as you are sitting inside the structure of the kayak. In this way, as you are a beginner, simply try to be in a protected area or near the shore so you can swim out if any sudden occurs.

Inflatable Kayak

An inflatable kayak is a lightweight kayak with its sides and bow developed of adaptable cylinders containing pressurized gas. These kayaks are lighter and simpler to hold and transport. Some inflatable kayaks can be deflated in a few minutes and pressed inside a duffle pack or backpack. This implies they’re straightforward and simpler to store at home. You can take this kind of kayak on climbing or even a littler can fit in a bag or a suitcase. 

In any case, you might be thinking, is an inflatable kayak as great as hard-shell kayaks? The main inquiry that comes in our brain, Are they as strong or durable as rigid kayaks? 

In this way, when we talk about its strength, Unlike other straightforward pool toys, Inflatable kayaks are not developed of single-layered material. They are developed with multiple layers of PVC, Hypalon, and Nitrilon that will, in general, be intense and sturdy types of material. Aluminum is likewise utilized in certain parts to expand its structure and dependability. 

The material used is rough or intense, but it can even get punctured, yet this happens not very generally. It will be an extraordinary thought to take a repair kit while you are out on the water since inflatable kayaks are effectively repairable. 

Inflatable kayaks could be hard and sturdy nowadays yet they are not very powerful. They are not developed in a manner to withstand incredibly unforgiving conditions or difficult situations. In any case, if you will be using this kayak in quiet conditions, at that point an inflatable kayak can function as an extraordinary alternative for you.

Benefits of Tandem Kayak vs 2 Solo Kayak

In a solo kayak, you get the opportunity to go any place and at whatever point you need. With the solo kayak, you have unlimited oversight and that you’ll appreciate a contention-free paddling and consistently have the choice of kayaking when no one else is accessible. Your kayak is ordinarily lighter in weight so it will be simpler for you to deal with while transportation. 

The cons of a solo kayak are that if you have a little youngster that isn’t extremely prepared to paddle all alone, at that point single kayaks may not help you right now. Many individuals do paddle with kids in their laps yet it’s not efficient and risky relying upon conditions. You may lose to bond with your colleague. But these disadvantages are the advantages if we choose a tandem kayak.

While some like to be alone on a kayak, some kayakers appear to appreciate paddling with their partner. 

Finally, if you want to paddle with someone, you’ll clearly need to get two single kayaks, which will bring about spending more than you would have just bought one tandem kayak.

Weight Capacity

As You would be kayaking with someone else in the same kayak. Having a kayak that can hold the weight for both of you would be a point to consider.

The weight potential of a kayak is the “number” assigned to a kayak by companies and a good way to realize the kayakers what kind of kayak fits them. 

It also allows anglers to understand how much equipment and gear they can bring on a kayak. The assigned weight capacity is indicated on each new kayak. 

Typically, the weight capacity shows the load that a kayak can bring and still float. So if a kayak has a weight limit of 320 lbs, it means the kayak will still float a little on the water surface when carrying a weight of 320 lbs. 

Presently, in light of the fact that the kayak will float just a little when holding a weight equivalent to its weight carrying limit, it will lose the two things, its mobility, and stability. That is the reason it’s basic not to load a kayak to its weight limit. 

So when a weight carrying limit is given, the client’s size for the kayak isn’t the specific weight limit yet less around 30-40 percent of the weight limit of a kayak that offers a protected zone. 

For a weight limit of 320 lbs, the fisherman’s weight perfect for the kayak would be around 205 lbs or less, and that is just conceivable if the paddler doesn’t take any material or stuff alongside him.

Stability of Kayak on Sea Water

Stability is where the tandem kayaks differ from nearly every other type of kayak present in the market. These kayaks should have enough stability to withstand harsh wave conditions and extreme surf that the ocean brings. 

This can be hard since the tandem kayaks tend to be longer as it is designed in a way to give enough room for two or more paddlers and this is where the secondary stability plays its role.

A longer kayak can tip over than a wider kayak. Companies have figured this problem out and fixed this in a new way. 

Primary stability or initial stability stands for when you are simply sitting on the kayak and not paddling continually. 

The secondary stability is when you are moving your kayak with great force and still the kayak does not tip over.

Secondary stability can be considered by observing the shape of its hull. A sharper or rounded hull will be a good one for it. 

The hull is the structure at the ground of your kayak. It is one of the most essential parts of your kayak that will tell its overall stability and also how fast your kayak will go.

Storage Capacity

At the point when you are going out on the water with your kayak, having a decent measure of extra room can be exceptionally helpful, particularly when you are wanting to angle with a lot of gears and material. 

For tandem kayaks, it’s better to look for dry storage. In a perfect world, your kayak ought to have capacity hatches both in front and back of your seat, so you can store fish in the front and important material and rigging in the back. 

It is constantly a good thought to have some dry bags to shield your items and valuable stuff from getting wet, even if the portals are dry. Most tandem kayaks will likewise have bungee cord rigging where you can make sure about your material. 

On the off chance that you are fishing offshore, you ought to likewise search for what amount of storage is available, a kayak designed for fishing has somewhere space to store your paddle when you are enjoying your snack or reeling in your catch and will usually have built-in rod holders, just as You may likewise need to search for a kayak that has built-in gear tracks making it capable for you to mount other fishing accessories. 

In the event that you intend to go through numerous days outdoors while kayaking, consider the measure of the room offered for your outdoor gear just as your angling and paddling gear.

Propulsion Of Your Kayak


To the paddlers who need to arrive at their goal quicker, motor kayaks offer reasonable transportation that fits on the top of your vehicle and fits in your garage also. This technique needs less difficult work and causes the client to feel less physically exhausted. 

The cons of this strategy are that there is additional weight included on account of the engine, deck space is reduced, the cost of power batteries and other support costs add to your pocket. The noise of the engine can terrify the fishes and thus make it hard for you to get a fish.


The paddling technique offers you extraordinary functional points of interest. 

This strategy can be utilized in much shallower zones and are fair for quiet facilitating on a grass level. It is increasingly responsive in moving around docks or mangroves as your kayak can undoubtedly move front and back. You can store many more gears in view of a great deal of room abandoned. 

The drawback of the paddling is that you can not typically use it when waves and winds are in really brutal conditions. Another issue with it is that it makes a few sprinkles while rowing and this can alert fish regarding you.


The pedal is an extraordinary strategy for impetus offering affordability, adaptability, speed, control. 

It produces expanded torque which effectively beats waves and winds, so you can arrive at your goal sooner in unfriendly conditions. Since your legs are more grounded and give more stamina than your arms, you are less inclined to tire soon. This strategy offers you great dependability and pedals leave your hands free for fishing. 

It is controlled by a propeller put beneath the kayak and a hand-worked rudder is given for better tracking. 

The main con of this strategy is that it doesn’t perform well in shallow regions.

Seat Comfortability, Support, Adjustments, and Easy Replacement

When we talk about paddling, the seat of your kayak is one of the most significant highlights. I as a whole realize that fishing takes a lot of patience and time But if your seat isn’t comfortable, both of these things will give you distress. Make certain to guarantee that the kayak seat should be comfortable. You can do this by ensuring it is extra cushioned or not. 

Sitting in one position can cause you a great deal of inconvenience to your legs and back. Adjusting your seat into a more leaned back position can decrease this inconvenience and make you ready to sit for some more hours. Check whether your kayak has back support and flexible or a foldable seat. 

A few kayaks don’t accompany an extra-fine seat however they do have the alternative to be replaced. There are some extra cushioned pleasant seats accessible in the market, you can replace your seat with an aftermarket seat.

Kayak Rod Holders

Fishing rod holders consistently give you an increasingly happy fishing experience. You need to see whether the kayak you are taking has rod holders built-in with the frame. 

Some manufacturers assemble rod holders into the design of the kayak from the earliest starting point of development, and these choices will be flush mounted to the structure, which makes for less catching lines and a sleeker design when you are fishing out there on the open water. 

Some different versions are bolted onto the structure of the kayak, and on the off chance that you are a beginner, you may go through a trickier fishing experience. The last thing to look at is what number of rod holders are there so you and your co-paddler can bring all the fishing rods. 

Length and Width of the Kayak

Tandem kayaks usually start from around 12 feet, there are some shorter tandem kayaks starting around 10 ft and the longest can go up to 20 ft 

You will see that tandem kayaks are a bit longer than other kayaks since tandem kayaks have to accommodate two or more paddlers and they need to be faster, should track straight, and cut through the water better than other solo kayaks. This all happens because a tandem kayak is narrower or slim and can still displace the same amount of water that it can provide the same buoyancy as a solo kayak does.

Tandem kayaks are available in different width sizes. Generally revealing, choosing a wider tandem kayak will provide better stability and is a better option for the beginners but at the same time, it affects its speed also. Widths around 30-35 inches will work out well. 

If you will go below these given widths such as 20-25 inches with a longer kayak the chances of flipping over is increased. So, make sure to choose the right combination of width and length in order to enjoy good speed and stability.

Extra Accessory

Tandem Kayaks come with a whole range of extra accessories that are designed to make you and your partner’s paddling and fishing more enjoyable and comfortable. Some tandem kayaks come with more internal storage than their alternatives, so it will be a good idea to think about the amount of storage you need. You have to see how much gear and items do you usually take on a trip?

On the off chance that you like to fish in hotter atmospheres, at that point pick a kayak that includes an installed cooler to keep your preferred refreshments prepared to drink. In the event that you have to carry it around a lot, scan for the models that have carry handles. If you are on a low spending plan, check whether the models you are seeing accompanied paddles, or will you need to get them independently. 

Before picking a model search for what you need every day and figure carefully about how you will utilize your kayak. There is an entire host of included additional accessories accessible in the market, so choose wisely.

So, finally we made it through all the required options you need to look into a tandem kayak. 

Let’s see what are the best tandem kayak options available in the market.

10 Top Rated Best Tandem Fishing Kayaks Review

Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus Recreational Kayak

The old town has a popular tandem version of the Dirigo series, the Dirigo tandem plus double kayak has enough room for two paddlers and carries a lot of gear for your fishing adventures. Old Town’s tough and durable roto-molded polyethylene plastic hull is sculpted in a stable shape that cuts quickly through the water. 

The kayak consists of two non-confining cockpit openings and includes padded seats, creating every outing a comfortable one. A glide track foot brace system and thigh pads make a responsive and stable platform to help you maneuver more easily and confidently. 

The Dirigo has a click Seal hatch and glove box hatch providing a lot of Dry storage space. The bungees at the stern and bow allow you to store gear and other valuable items that can get a little wet. This kayak’s removable child jump-seat lets you bring along a third, smaller passenger. It has an optional rudder system (sold separately). The kayak also comes with paddle holders and cup holders

Length – 15.3 ft

Width – 29.5 inch

Weight – 72 lbs

Capacity – 425 lbs


  1. Moves very fast.
  2. Plenty of storage available.
  3. Great kayak for family.
  4. Includes retractable handles for portability.


  1. Not easy to transport due to its length.
  2. Available in only one color.

BKC TK122 12.9′ Tandem Fishing Kayak W/Aluminum Upright Seats

The BKC (Brooklyn Kayak Company) TK122 holds the capacity to excite the expert fisherman. This kayak will be stable in a type of different water conditions.

All credit goes to the length and width of the kayak combined with a flat-bottomed hull design creating a good platform for casting and paddling, or just some time relaxing on the river’s edge. The kayak comes with dual watertight storage hatches that easily protects your phones, snacks, cameras. Also, it has comfortable seats with supportive backrests.

The TK122 is the perfect size kayak for two adults & one child. The kayak includes various features such as 2 paddle holders, 8 scupper plugs, side handles, 4-rod holders, 2 articulating rod holders, bungee system, aluminum paddles, big rear storage.

Length – 12.9 ft

Width – 34.2 inch

Weight – 77 lbs 

Capacity – 770 lbs


  1. Impressive carrying capacity.
  2. Seating is excellent.
  3. Lots of storage available.
  4. Great stability and speed.


  1. A little bit heavier than its alternatives.

Pelican River Gorge 130XP Tandem Recreational Kayak 

The Pelican River Gorge 130XP is easy and simple to paddle. It is constructed on a twin-arched multi-chine hull giving good stability and maneuverability. It has plenty of storage space and also tracks well.

The Gorge 130XP sleek design features an ergo fit G2 seating system having an adjustable cushioned backrest with padded seat for increased comfort and to sustain an efficient paddling position. The kayak has 2 quick-lock hatches and storage with a bungee cord to store your gear and other stuff. It also has 4 accessory eyelets and paddle tie-down.

Length – 13 ft

Width – 34 inch

Weight – 73 lbs

Capacity – 500 lbs


  1. It provides great stability.
  2. It contains multiple accessories.
  3. Great weight carrying capacity.


  1. No other color option.

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

The Intex Challenger K2 is a sit-inside tandem kayak. Also, it is built from rugged 30 gauge PVC vinyl and has a low profile with a streamlined structure to gain good speed. The kayak has an I-beam floor construction providing hardness and improves balance and stability. A skeg is offered for directional control.

The Challenger has one Boston Valve on the main hull chamber for inflation and deflation and an Intex Double Quick II high output hand pump is provided for quick inflation. The two 84 inch aluminum kayak paddles with rubber grips are included with the kayak. A patch kit for repairing and storage bag for storing your kayak all comes along with it.

This kayak has a large open cockpit with two inflatable seats supporting backrests. Also, sufficient storage is available behind the seat and a cargo net for keeping extra items in the bow. The K2 has grab lines on both sides for easy carrying.

Length – 11.5 ft

Width – 30 inch

Weight – 38 lbs

Capacity – 400 lbs


  1. Very Cheaper in price.
  2. Two paddles, repair kit, and the high-output pump comes along the kayak. 
  3. Spacious cockpit.
  4. Impressive carrying capacity, since it is inflatable.


  1. Not suggested being used in the ocean.
  2. Struggles in strong winds and choppy waters.

Perception Cove 14.5 | Sit Inside Tandem Kayak | Zone Adjustable Seating and Leg Braces

The Perception Cove 14.5 tandem kayak’s versatile design provides great stability and performance that makes paddling fun for the whole family. The kayak’s extra-roomy sit-in design with padding along the edge gives the user easy access. It offers you the freedom to relax on the water. 

The Cove comes with Supportive seats with adjustable backrests for optimal comfort and support. Also, zone thigh pads are provided comfort. This kayak has a generous amount of storage for longer trips or overnight expeditions and bungee deck rigging for additional gear and material storage. 

The easily and simply replaceable skid plate on the hull allows you to drag the kayak without any damage. With all these features included this kayak is ready to share the experience as you explore lakes, ponds, flat-water rivers, and coastal bays.

Length – 14.6 inch

Width – 31.25 inch

Weight – 71 lbs

Capacity – 550 lbs


  1. Bungee deck rigging for extra storage.
  2. Thigh/knee padded sides.
  3. The rudder is operable for good tracking.
  4. Stern hatch dry storage is available.


  1. Not for the best use in choppy waters.

Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak with Paddles

The lifetime 10 is made from Blow-molded from High-Density Polyethylene providing superior durability and strength. The kayak comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty and is designed to make up to 3 people sit. 

The design of the hull offers great tracking ultra stability. The Durable high-quality construction resists Cracking, fading, and Peeling. The kayak comes with the multiple footrest positions accommodate all size riders.

The lifetime 10 Includes paddle clips, 2 double-sided paddles, 3 fishing rod holders, 2 padded backrests, and 6 storage hatch. With all these conveniences this kayak is ready to rock on the water.

Length – 10 ft

Width – 36 inch

Weight – 60 lbs

Capacity – 500 lbs


  1. 3 fishing rod holders.
  2. Supports multiple footrests.
  3. Rear storage hatch.
  4. 5 years manufactured warranty.


  1. Tracking speed is not too much because of the short length and wide outline.

Perception Rambler 13.5 | Sit on Top Tandem Kayak | Recreational Kayak for Two | Storage with Tie Downs

The Perception Rambler 13.5 is a playful sit-on-top tandem kayak providing excellent stability and fun for a wide range of ages and abilities. It is a perfect model for exploring lakes, rivers, and ocean bays. The kayak energizes confidence in a design that is easy to operate.

The rambler has a roomy molded-in seat providing easy to get in and out for anyone. An additional mold-in center seat for the kids or pets is given. It also has bungee cord lashes securing gear of any shape and size. The kayak can be configured for a solo user with the installation of 4 deck loops (sold separately). 

The kayak’s one-piece roto mold construction and hand-assembling in the USA, the Rambler provides you great performance and strength.

Length – 13.5 ft

Width – 34 inch

Weight – 78 lbs

Capacity – 550 lbs


  1. Affordable price.
  2. Leak-proof one-piece construction.
  3. You can take a child or your pet along with you.


  1. No drain plugs.
  2. More comfortable seats needed for all-day paddling.

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Bali 13.5-Foot Tandem Kayak ( 3 Person )

The Sundolphin Bali 13.5 Tandem is planned in a way to accept one, two or three persons at a time. The middle seat easily and comfortably makes a third person sit or if you want a single person’s operation simply just move the rear seat to the center.

This kayak consists of some additional features such as three covered storage compartments, conveniently located carry handles for easy carriage, adjustable foot braces, onboard shock cord deck rigging, deluxe adjustable seats with high backrest supports, paddle holders and self-bailing for swamp free experience.

Bali performs well on lakes, rivers, and other paddling points. The tri-seating capacity of this kayak offers you a great way to enjoy yourself with your family or friends. This Tandem kayak comes with everything that needs to have fun for the whole day on the water. 

Length – 13.4 ft

Width – 34.5 inch

Weight – 70 lbs

Capacity – 500lbs


  1. Great pricing at this range.
  2. The storage option is good.
  3. Gains good Speed with less effort.
  4. 3 people can sit at a time.


  1. Low legroom experience for the middle rider.
  2. Heavier if used as a solo.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

The Ocean Kayak Malibu is the most renowned sit-on-top tandem kayak in the whole world. It is compact and prepared for the ocean and freshwater adventures.

The kayak offers you great stability. It can be utilized both for solo as well as tandem paddling. You can also take a third rider (depending on weight capacity). You can adjust the seating in a way such as one or two adults adding a small child or a pet. This makes it a great kayak for tandem users.

Malibu’s tri-hull construction allows the kayak to accept the users of all skill levels and it is structured in a way to stay stable on calm rivers and moderate waves. This kayak comes with good carrying capacity. The manufacturer has provided two Comfort Plus seat backs with adjustability and extra cushioned to make you feel relaxed.

Length – 12 ft

Width – 34 inch

Weight – 57 lbs

Capacity – 425 lbs


  1. Various footrest placements.
  2. Good option for couples or small families.
  3. Can be utilized as a solo or tandem.
  4. Comfortable for tall or overweight riders.


  1. Paddles needed to be purchased separately

Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Kayak

The Driftsun Inflatable Voyager is a compact model for those who are looking to paddle in lakes, streams, and rivers but don’t have the space to store and transport a hard-shell kayak. This 2 Person Kayak can employ for solo or tandem paddling.

The pointed nose entry, the ‘V’ shaped hull, a removable tracking fin, and rocker profile provides good performance in both silent and rough water. Also, its high volume side tubes give ultimate buoyancy and stability. The kayak inflates to full size in less than 5 minutes by a deluxe high flow double action pump. 

The heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin bottom offers great protection from punctures. The double Threaded Boston valves and tough coated 840D nylon oxford fabric tube covers will give the kayak shred and abrasion-resistance. It has stern and bow handles for easy in and out. Decent storage is available in the front and rear compartments.

Length – 10 ft

Width – 35 inch

Weight – 27 lbs

Capacity – 450 lbs


  1. Fine weight carrying capacity.
  2. Sets up in full size in less than 5 minutes.
  3. Adjustable and comfortable EVA padded sets.
  4. Accessories are of good quality. 


  1. A little short in length for 2 large adults.
  2. Price is more if compared to its counterparts.

Final Words

Finally, I am ending my review, I really believe that the one who has observed the whole buying guide properly can now make a hassle-free decision. But still, I will like to give you some recommendations in order to help you more.

Best performer – One of the best performing model is Old Town Dirigo.

Editor’s Pick – My personal choice is BKC TK122 12.9′.

Affordable – You can buy Intex Challenger K2 and if you can spend some more money then go for Pelican River Gorge 130XP. 

Overall, All the above Tandem kayaks are pretty good. You just need to look which one suits your need.

I really expect that these recommendations will help you a lot and if you want to select some other model except these suggestions, go for it as these all are the best kayaks.